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Commonrail ecu cjaa manual

Commonrail ecu cjaa manual$250

Golf wagon 03L906019HB

Mk2 idle control valve, aftermarket

Mk2 idle control valve, aftermarket$45

Tested and working

Mk5 rear flex hose

Mk5 rear flex hose$15

From the caliper to the brake line. Right or left same

Bcm rabbit

Bcm rabbit$100


Mk4 pass CV shaft 24v

Mk4 pass CV shaft 24v$125

1j0407272mb May cost additional to ship

1.6 na injection pump lines

1.6 na injection pump lines$40

Sold as a set

B4 B3 engine support cross member

B4 B3 engine support cross member$100

Vr6 357199199 3A0199199

Mk4 GTI front seats

Mk4 GTI front seats$275

Cloth and fit a 2 door. Pulled from a 2004 GTI. Will cost additional to ship