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Used auto parts for the Volkswagen Golf


Matching Results: Golf

01 mk4 2L manual ecu

01 mk4 2L manual ecu$100


1.6t fuel lines

1.6t fuel lines$60

1.6t oil pan

1.6t oil pan$60

No holes or rust but used

1.6t turbo oil drain line

1.6t turbo oil drain line$65

For the kkk turbo k24

1.6t turbo oil feed line 1.6t

1.6t turbo oil feed line 1.6t$75

A hard find! Not right picture of exact product

1.6t upper timing belt cover

1.6t upper timing belt cover$35

Plastic 068109123G

1.6t valve cover

1.6t valve cover$25

For the mk2 1.6t

1.6t, 1.9 coolant outlet flange

1.6t, 1.9 coolant outlet flange$20

028121145b glowplugs removed