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Drivetrain parts for the Volkswagen Passat. Automatic transmission, manual transmission, CV shafts, rear axle, etc.

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ALH TDI Cylinder Heads

ALH TDI Cylinder Heads$300+core charge

Used in great shape. Includes cam and lifters. Injectors and cam sprocket removed. $50 additional core charge. Refund of core charge will be provided with return within 30 days of sale Additional shipping charges may apply. Contact us for quote.

B3 Axle Shaft

B3 Axle Shaft$75

NO ABS,FWD Front Axle, LH

B3 Axle Shaft

B3 Axle Shaft$75

NO ABS,FWD Front Axle, RH

B3/B4 Front Struts

B3/B4 Front Struts$50

$50 Each

B3/B4 Passat Sedan Struts

B3/B4 Passat Sedan Struts$200

Full set 2x Front, 2x Rear. May not be exact ones in picture

b4 / mk3 acceleration potentiometer

b4 / mk3 acceleration potentiometer$100

From 1z ahu car. NO PEDAL Just the pirometer. 0205001034    

B4 Axle Beam

B4 Axle Beam$150

With Disc Brakes, off a TDi

B4 Axle Shafts

B4 Axle Shafts$75

For TDI with Manual Transmission, $75 Each

B4 Clutch

B4 Clutch$100

B4 Clutch from a CTN Transmission, 85% Life