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Interior parts for the Volkswagen Passat. Seats, ashtrays, trim pieces, stereo systems, etc.

Matching Results: Interior

B3 Interior Fuse Panel

B3 Interior Fuse Panel$20

B3 Cabin Fuse box

B3 Interior Light Button

B3 Interior Light Button$15

B3 Light button

B3 Passat Dome/Map Light Set

B3 Passat Dome/Map Light Set$55

Front and 2x Rear dome lights

b3 passat glovebox dark

b3 passat glovebox dark$125

Very hard find!!!

B3 Passat Interior Dash Vent Set

B3 Passat Interior Dash Vent Set$75

Driver, Middle and Passenger vents

B3 Pedal Assembly

B3 Pedal Assembly$200

Pedal Assembly for b3 Passat- 5 Manual transmission

B3 Rad Fan Module

B3 Rad Fan Module$35

B3 Passat Radiator Fan Module

b3 signal arm

b3 signal arm$75