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Interior parts for vintage Volkswagens. Seats, ashtrays, trim pieces, stereo systems, etc.

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B3 Passenger Sun Visor

B3 Passenger Sun Visor$50

Passenger sun visor for B3 Passat – Tan

Cabriolet b pillar covers

Cabriolet b pillar covers$70

Sold as a set

Cabriolet cluster

Cabriolet cluster$150

May not be exact mileage as shown

Ghia ash tray

Ghia ash tray$30

Pulled from a 1971 ghia dash

Mk1 cluster gas

Mk1 cluster gas$150

Mk1 dash cubby

Mk1 dash cubby$35

Came a 1984 gti 175857321c   175857325d small glove box

Mk1 GTI steering wheel

Mk1 GTI steering wheel$120

Small spline 321419660

MK1 MK2 MK3 steering wheel

MK1 MK2 MK3 steering wheel$50


Mk1 rabbit cluster

Mk1 rabbit cluster$100

Miles on the outside

Mk1 rabbit turn stalk and wiper

Mk1 rabbit turn stalk and wiper$50

From a 1984 gti