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1.6t upper timing belt cover

1.6t upper timing belt cover$35

Plastic 068109123G

mk1 engine / trans support kit

mk1 engine / trans support kit$120

Cabriolet / jetta / rabbit limited harware, kit only

mk1 mk2 waterpump pipe support

mk1 mk2 waterpump pipe support$25

055121121a made if aluminum

mk2 1.6t intake hose

mk2 1.6t intake hose$100

068129627A very hard to find!

1.6 turbo garrett t3 m24

1.6 turbo garrett t3 m24$250

068145703f no shaft play, exhaust manifold extra. Wastegate line missing on this turbo. Additional shipping maybe necessary. No core charge

mk2 1.6t intake filter

mk2 1.6t intake filter$30

Clips missing from filter housing. 191129607E

mk2 1.6 1.6t k and n air filter

mk2 1.6 1.6t k and n air filter$15

Dirty but works

mk2 1.6 lower timing cover

mk2 1.6 lower timing cover$30

Not perfect but hard find.028109127

mk2 water pump flange

mk2 water pump flange$10

1.6t water pump plastic piece

mk2 1.6t intake hose

mk2 1.6t intake hose$20

The rubber elbow on the intake