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Ahu 1z valve springs

Ahu 1z valve springs$100

The kits includes the dual springs, keepers, caps, retainers

B4/MK3 TDI Injection Lines

B4/MK3 TDI Injection Lines$150

Injection pump lines from AHU 1Z. Sold in sets of 4


B4 / MK3 TDI ECU$125 Sold Out

028 906 021 GQ

AHU / 1Z catalytic converter

AHU / 1Z catalytic converter$325

sold exchanged. Flex pipe excellent, from a kkk turbo. Additional shipping charges may apply. core charge $150

AHU / 1Z tdi ecu

AHU / 1Z tdi ecu$115 Sold Out


1z ahu boost pipe

1z ahu boost pipe$45

Off the the turbo. Broken but may be usable. 1h0129654r

ahu 1z intermediate shaft pulley- 028115021b

ahu 1z intermediate shaft pulley- 028115021b$20 Sold Out

028 115 021 b

ahu 1z crankshaft pulley

ahu 1z crankshaft pulley$15

V belt 0281135353a

AHU /  1Z intermediate shaft

AHU / 1Z intermediate shaft$75