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2002 golf ecu 2L

2002 golf ecu 2L$50

06a906032fp with auto trans 2.0L

K03 Turbo BPY 2.0T

K03 Turbo BPY 2.0T$650 with exchange

Oil drain tube extra K03 turbo Additional cost to ship $100 core $650 with exchange Part# 06F 145 701 G

Intake assembly BPY 2.0T

Intake assembly BPY 2.0T$200

throttle body, purge valve, sensors, flaps, everything included

Engine Crankshaft Pulley BPY 2.0T

Engine Crankshaft Pulley BPY 2.0T$30

Part #06F 105 243 J

Oil filter housing BPY 2.0T

Oil filter housing BPY 2.0T$100

Part #06F 115 397

Mount bracket BPY 2.0T

Mount bracket BPY 2.0T$30

Part #06F 903 143 E Alternator, A/C compressor bracket

Fuel injector harness 2.0T BPY

Fuel injector harness 2.0T BPY$10

Part # 06F 971 824 E

Crankshaft position sensor 2.0T BPY

Crankshaft position sensor 2.0T BPY$30

Part # 06A 906 433 G

PCV breather line 2.0T BPY

PCV breather line 2.0T BPY$15

Part # 06F 103 215 A