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bhw ECU

bhw ECU$100 Sold Out

038906016L  b5.5 tdi pd ecu        

bhw intake manifold flap

bhw intake manifold flap$200 Sold Out

Like new GLS16PC0816-05

GMR TDI Transmission TCU

GMR TDI Transmission TCU$200

Passat tdi b5.5 3B0927156AP

B5.5 bhw tdi ac lines

B5.5 bhw tdi ac lines$75


B5.5 bhw air duct cover

B5.5 bhw air duct cover$30


Bhw piston set

Bhw piston set$385 Sold Out

Set of 4. Good shape. Wrist pin / Clips included. Also NEW piston rings in the box included!!!!

tdi PD rocker arm assembly

tdi PD rocker arm assembly$30

Bhw, brm, bew injector rocker assembly

Pd valve cover

Pd valve cover$50

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