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cjaa / cbea intercooler pipe

cjaa / cbea intercooler pipe$100 Sold Out

Boost pipe from turbo to intercooler 1k0145762 FQ 1K0145840AB

Commonrail TDI glowplug CJAA CBEA

Commonrail TDI glowplug CJAA CBEA$65

Pressure sending glowplug tested and working 03L905061 D

commonrail injectors

commonrail injectors$300

Sold as a set, cjaa / CJAA CBEA tdi injector set

CBEA, CJAA Fuel pressure regulator 2.0T

CBEA, CJAA Fuel pressure regulator 2.0T$120

0928400706 located on the high pressure pump

CJAA CBEA Particulate filter sensor

CJAA CBEA Particulate filter sensor$40

076906051b Fuel tank pressure sensor

CBEA, CJAA turbo actuator

CBEA, CJAA turbo actuator$275

Hold vacuum and functional

mk5 mk6 exhaust flap

mk5 mk6 exhaust flap$125

Common rail, AKA exhaust throttle body, CBEA 1k0263691D 098 10B 049   No clamps on it.