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MK4 Jetta Fuel Door – LA3W

MK4 Jetta Fuel Door – LA3W$20

Red Spice Metallic

MK6 TDI Clutch – LuK Dual Mass

MK6 TDI Clutch – LuK Dual Mass$250

Out of 2013 Jetta TDI with only 109k Kms – excellent shape Factory Dual Mass LuK Clutch 2.0L CJAA TDI

MK6 CJAA Turbo Inlet – Metal

MK6 CJAA Turbo Inlet – Metal$40

2.0L CJAA Turbo Inlet – Updated Metal Design

MK6 CJAA Turbo Inlet – Composite

MK6 CJAA Turbo Inlet – Composite$30

2.0L CJAA TDI Turbo inlet – Plastic composite

MK6 Jetta AC Hoses – Long

MK6 Jetta AC Hoses – Long$150

2 Longer Hoses 2.0L CJAA TDI Diesel – Manual Transmission

MK6 Jetta TDI AC Hose

MK6 Jetta TDI AC Hose$75

Shorter AC hose 2.0L CJAA TDI Diesel – Manual Transmission

Bosch Alternator – 023F 140A

Bosch Alternator – 023F 140A$75 + core

Common on various MK5 – MK6 Models Bosch 140A Alternator – 06F 903 023F Additional $25.00 core charge. Core charge will be refunded with the return of the old unit within 30 days of purchase. All alternators are tested prior to sale.

MK6 TDI MAFS – 03G 906 461 C

MK6 TDI MAFS – 03G 906 461 C$75

Diesel CJAA 2.0L TDI Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAFS) 03G 906 461 C

MK6 Instrument Cluster – TDI

MK6 Instrument Cluster – TDI$200

CJAA 2.0L Diesel – Manual Transmission 5C6 920 852 A

MK4 TDI ALH Coolant Junction

MK4 TDI ALH Coolant Junction$20

With Black Temp Sensor