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MK4 Golf/Jetta City Throttle Pedal 6Q1 723 503 E

MK4 Golf/Jetta City Throttle Pedal 6Q1 723 503 E$40

6Q1723503E, Out of City Golf 2.0L Auto Tiptronic

MK4 Front Door – Driver Side

MK4 Front Door – Driver Side$100

Paint Code L041, Jetta/Golf

MK4 City Golf/Jetta Clock Spring

MK4 City Golf/Jetta Clock Spring$30

1J0 959 653 E

City Jetta Headlight – Passenger Side

City Jetta Headlight – Passenger Side$200

Off of post-facelift 2008-2010 Jetta

MK7 Jetta Navigation/Phone Control Module

MK7 Jetta Navigation/Phone Control Module$200

Also Referred to as CONTOUR Unit. 561 035 285 A Fits 2016-2017 Jetta or Passat CC

MK4 Glovebox Door – Grey

MK4 Glovebox Door – Grey$50

For Large glovebox insert.

MK2 Jetta Windshield Cowl

MK2 Jetta Windshield Cowl$40

Rain Tray

MK2 Power Steering Hose

MK2 Power Steering Hose$20

Suction hose – Reservoir to Pump