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1.6t upper timing belt cover

1.6t upper timing belt cover$35

Plastic 068109123G

mk2 ecu, digifant 2

mk2 ecu, digifant 2$125


Mk2 digifont airbox and sensor

Mk2 digifont airbox and sensor$50 Sold Out

Bosch airflow sensor 0280202108

mk2 brake front hose

mk2 brake front hose$10 Sold Out

mk2 2 door golf door moldings

mk2 2 door golf door moldings$100

Mk2 2 dooor golf door moldings sset of 4

Mk2 CIS fuel injectors

Mk2 CIS fuel injectors$125

Spray pattern checked and cleaned. Bosche. Sold as a set of 4 only 0437502015 049133551

assorted relays for mk1/mk2

assorted relays for mk1/mk2$10 ea.

Please state the number on your relay relays sold each

mk2 diesel fuel sending unit

mk2 diesel fuel sending unit$60

Best to leave the hoses on and where they are. With movement, the top spigots can crack. Just plumb in to existing hoses.