Yard & Warehouse


Discover Canada's spot for VW auto salvage.


12710 Furnival Road, Rodney, Ontario, Canada

We store 130-150 yard cars at all times, with weekly changing inventory. 

Canada Catalyst Inc is a progressive, certified automotive salvage yard. 

The yard also houses 11 sea containers of hand picked, selected, inspected and tested parts, sorted by generation for easy pick up. 
The yard showroom displays hard to find vintage pieces, rust free southern USA parts and aftermarket parts not always listed on our website. 
Our kiosk also has new parts available for purchase for regular maintenance needs or to complete your project. 

Visit our Yard: Tuesday - Friday 8-5 & most Saturdays 7am-Noon.

Please check in with us at the kiosk - orange man door on Furnival Road.



No sandals or smoking allowed in the yard. No pets or children allowed in the yard. All visitor are chaperoned and must report to the kiosk before entry. Visitors enter at their own risk. Canada Catalyst is not a 'you pull it yard'. Only trained staff can remove parts from cars. Visitors are not permitted in the garage bays and excluded areas as posted. Do not ask to borrow tools. Canada Catalyst is not a repair shop.




1776 Longwoods Rd Wardsville, ON. 
Currently our Warehouse is closed to the public.