1) How are my parts shipped?
We hand pick, pack, test and inspect each part ourselves. We make a unique shipping quote just for you and your order. This personalized service saves you money and ensures the quality of the product shipped to you. Most orders ship Canada Post. We also use various carriers through a shipping broker. 

2) How much is shipping?
After your order is placed we will send you a bill for the full amount required to ship your item. Each shipment is unique. We use CANADA POST expedited parcel service for most shipments. 

3) Can I track my order?

Yes. You will get your tracking number from Canada Post or the courier selected as soon as it is sent. Check your email for your tracking number or call us at (519) 878-3353. You can track your Canada Post order here: https://www.canadapost.ca/cpotools/apps/track/personal/findByTrackNumber?execution=e1s1 

4) Can you hold my parts?

We offer pay and pick up free of charge. Place your order online or by phone and have it ready for you at our parts kiosk or drop box for quick pick up at the time of your choosing. After hours pick up is also available.

5) I ordered the wrong part can I return it?
No. Used parts sales are final.

6) My parts came damaged, what do I do?
If the courier damages your parts: take photos of the damaged part, the shipping label and all packaging. Send a detailed e-mail with your photos to CanadaCatalyst@gmail.com to start the claim process. Failure to provide photos will result in your claim being rejected. 

7) How often do you deliver to the GTA?
First Monday of the month except January. 

8) Are used parts bad for the environment?

Used parts provide a much lesser environmental impact than new. Car emissions are only part of the environmental impact of cars on the road. The production and disposal of cars leaves a much greater carbon foot print. Used parts removed responsibly are the best environmental choice.

9) How much do I save buying used?
The cost savings is often 50% or more when buying used rather than new.

10) Can’t I just go to any wrecking yard to get parts?
All we do is Volkswagen parts. That means we will get your parts faster and have more selection. Our staff lives the brand and can answer your questions about your Volkswagen needs.

11) I don’t speak car can I just have my mechanic order parts from you?
Yes. Just have your mechanic call and we will be glad to find your parts. 519-878-3353

12) Do you carry new parts?
Yes. We carry an entire line of new parts for regular maintenance needs. Our hope is you find everything you need for your project at one location.

13) Where is Rodney?                                                                                    One minute off the 401 between London and Chatham, Ontario, Canada. And about 10min from Port Glasgow on the beautiful shore of Lake Erie.

14) What is a core charge?
A refundable recycling fee; like beer bottles. Please see our tab on core charges.

15) Why is there tax on a used product?
Ask the government…..see this link: https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/forms-publications/publications/b-084r/notice-change-b-084-treatment-used-goods.html