Engines / Transmissions

This is a current inventory list of pulled and tested pre-owned VW engines and transmissions ready to ship. We have many more in the yard. 




Call or text for current pricing and availability!

(519) 878-3353







(519) 878-3353
















































***MANUAL TRANS. MK4 automatic to MK4 manual 5 speed swap kit– for details search swap in inventory or call us (519) 878-3353 TDI ALH swap is $1050
































 SOLD – MK4 2.0L auto




$350 exchanged – MK4 ALH diesel, TDI, 5sp, code EBJ / EGR
























SOLD – MK5 diesel TDI 5 speed REBUILT, code GQQ
































$500 exchanged – MK5 diesel TDI 5 speed, code GQQ
































sold. for mk6 2L 5 speed manual LDZ
































$250 exchanged EGT 2L, 5 speed manual
































SOLD exchanged KNS tdi 6 speed manual
































$1000 exchanged JVZ tiguan all wheel drive 2.0t auto. shifted great
































SOLD – $500 exchanged – MK5 2.5L Rabbit or Jetta manual transmission, 154k kms KPF
































$600 EXCHANGED JLW 6 speed manual came from 2.0t bpy engine
































$350 EXCHANGED – MK3 5sp MANUAL GAS – came from 2.0L ABA engine – code DFQ
































$200 exchanged – MK3 diesel, code AWY – 2 in stock!
































SOLD exchanged- alh auto FDB test drove fine
















































SOLD exchanged – MK4 manual 1.8t EGS
































$450 exchanged – all wheel drive Passat B5.5, code FAS
































sold – automatic 01M, code FDF -only 149000km
































$200 exchanged – MK3 diesel, code CHD
































$350 exchanged – tiptronic 6 speed auto, code JTZ, from an 08 golf city – only 16000km 
































$250 exchanged – MK3 TDI, code CTN – 1 in stock!
































SOLD exchanged mk3 vr6 5 speed manual CCM
































$450 exchanged – MK4, code EUH
































































$300 exchanged – VR6 24 valve and 137 tiptronic auto transmission, code BDF
































$800 exchanged – MK5, 6 speed tiptronic, code JPP – only 150000km
































SOLD OUT – 6 speed manual for MK4 24 valve, code BDF, code FSR
































SOLD – 12 valve VR6, 5 speed MK4, code EHC
































SOLD PFN Rebuilt 6 speed manual TDI 2015
































$500 exchanged KGL auto 2.5L, no codes
































$350 exchanged for CHA mk3 / passat diesel with long 5th gear
































sold – B6 2.0L 6speed Automatic gas LTK – 183000km
































SOLD MSV golf cjaa tdi dsg, 105k kms
































SOLD $500 exchanged NLQ auto from cc.
































$750 exchanged – MK6 common rail diesel, code PPY – 242795km
































SOLD – B7 tdi 2.0L Automatic NLP
















































***AAZ diesel with accessories, turbo, call for current pricing – (519) 878-3353
































$350 no core – MK3 – 2.0L GAS – ABA
































SOLD OUT - MK3 1.9L diesel AHU - 107000km cc0412, turbo 
































$200 no core charge – MK4 2L, code BEV -1250ookm 
































$750 exchanged – 1.9L intake / turbo removed, code BRM – 200000km  
































SOLD – 2.0L TDI without turbo, code BHW – 125000km!
































$1250 exchanged – 2.0t diesel tdi, commonrail, code CJAA turbo not included
































$650 exchanged – TDI WITHOUT TURBO, code ALH 395K KMS
































SOLD OUT no core charge – 1.8t Complete, code AWD & AWP
































$750 exchanged – no turbo, code BEW – 3 in stock!
































$400 exchanged – 2.5L, code CBU – only 100000km
































$400 no core charge – MK5 2.5L, code BGP – only 145oookms
































SOLD no core – B6 2.0L Automatic 6speed 4cyl. – CCTA – 183000km
































SOLD 1.6T with turbo
































$1000 exchanged – Mk7 1.4T, code CZTA complete – only 35000km!
































$500 no core charge – MK2 1.6 naturally aspirated, LOS OF BLOW BY BUT ran
































$350 no core charge – early MK3 gas 4 cylinder – 1 in stock!, 120k auto
































$500 1987 1.8L cabriolet. engine was ac set up, unknown but good compression
































SOLD (WE HAVE OTHERS) – code BPY, turbo not included
































Sold out of good VR6 24 valve, please ask about cores
































$400 no core charge – Mk6 2.0L, code CBPA, 74000km – 2 in stock!
































































Exchanged – is in reference to a core charge. This charge is waved if, ‘the core’, your old transmission or old engine is brought in at the time of purchase. This charge can also be refunded if the core is returned within 30 days of your purchase.
































MK – MK or Mark is the generation of your vehicle.
































Code – Your white codes sticker can be found in the trunk area under the carpet, or in the owners manual under maintenance. The red is the paint colour code, the blue is engine code and the green is the transmission code. If this stickers is not present please phone us (519) 878-3353 with your VIN or Vehicle Identification Number.






















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Above prices do not include shipping, applicable taxes and core charges.