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CJAA Exhaust Flap 1K0253691 J

CJAA Exhaust Flap 1K0253691 J

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engine code CJAA


EXHAUST VALVe Flap Back Pressure Regulator CONTROL

1K0253691G; 1K0-253-691-J; 1K0253691C; 1K0253691E; 1K0253691J; 1K0253691D; 1K0253691F; 1K0253691B


2.0 LITER. 2.0 LITER DIESEL. 2.0 LITER DIESEL 2012-14. 2.0 LITER, DIESEL. 2.0 LITER, DIESEL 2011-14. 2.0 LITER, DIESEL 2013-14. A regulator used to regulate exhaust back pressure.

Fits Beetle, Beetle Convertible, Golf, Jetta, Passat, SportWagen

2.0 LITER. 2.0 LITER, DIESEL. 2011-14. 2012-14. 2013-14. DIESEL. SEDAN, 2011-14. Sedan/Wagon, 2.0 LITER, DIESEL. WAGON, 2.0 LITER. WAGON, 2010-11, 2.0 LITER

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